Go Back to Your Natural Color

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Q: I have naturally dark brown hair that I got highlighted about 4-5 months ago. The highlights are a gold color with light brown color all over as the base ala Jessica Alba.
My roots have obviously come in, and this time instead of retouching I'd rather just go back to my natural color. How would you recommend doing this without going to a salon? I'm scared to damage my hair, but I really can't afford the salon treatment.

A: Well, what I recommend is that you take a trip to your local beauty supply store and look for a hair color that is close to your natural hair color but perhaps a shade or two lighter.
You will also want to select a 10-volume peroxide developer to combine the hair color with for use on your hair. Be sure to purchase the other accessories you may need - i.e. gloves, plastic cap, bowl and brush, etc. The hair color formula when combined in equal parts with the 10-volume peroxide will create a deposit only color.
Apply the color formula to the lighter portion of your hair first, leaving the "roots" (preferably called new growth) alone for the moment. After the color has been applied to the lighter portions of your hair, allow the hair color to process for about 10 minutes, then apply the color to the new growth of the hair and allow the entire head of hair to finish processing the remaining 10-15 minutes.
This should help to make your hair color balance out and look more natural, rather than being too dark. On the plus side, the hair color formula being made with 10-volume peroxide is much gentler on the hair as it does no lightening of the hair before depositing the color.
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