Wait Before Getting Highlights

Highlighted hair
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Q: I just colored my hair on Tuesday night, and I would like to highlight my hair to break the color up a bit. I want to get it done professionally, but was wondering how long I should wait, even going to a pro, before getting my hair highlighted?
My hair is rather healthy, and I take great care of it usually. This is probably a one-time event. What's the soonest I could do it, and when would it be safest? I will also cut my hair the same day to keep it healthy.

A: Well, most salons will do color services with highlighting on the same day without overmuch concern. If your hair is healthy as you say, then there is little cause for concern in having your highlights placed. This is doubly true if you are planning to have the highlights professionally done.
Your stylist should do an assessment of your hair prior to discussing the highlighting options, and will advise you if there are any potential issues with performing the service on your hair. He or she should also do a strand test to verify the rate of processing and the safety of your hair in order to be highlighted.
Be sure to tell the stylist exactly what was used to color your hair and give him or her as much specific information as you can. If you have the packaging for the color you used, bring it with you. The more your stylist knows about what has been done previously to the hair, the better your results will be.
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