Highlight Short Hair

Short hair with highlights
Photo: ArtFamily/Shutterstock
Q: How long does it take to highlight short hair?
A: Well, short hair would be less time-consuming to highlight than long hair if you are using the same number of highlights in the hair, simply because the shorter hair means there are fewer inches of hair to which the highlighting agent must be applied.
There is also the factor of what technique is being used to highlight the hair. If the hair is being highlighted through a cap as opposed to being highlighted with foils, the cap method is usually faster.
The processing time also comes into consideration, given that people's hair will process at different rates of speed depending on the strength of the highlighting mixture, and the porosity and color of the hair being highlighted. Hair with low porosity is considered resistant and will require more processing time to achieve the level of lightness desired (which is also a factor to consider).
In the most general of terms, given median averages for all factors considered, a highlighting service can take anywhere from 1-3 hours, including styling time. Naturally, shorter hair will likely be at the lower end of the scale, but not always.
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