How to do Foils Underneath

Foil highlighting
Photo: Schankz/Shutterstock
Q: How do you do foils which are underneath and not on top?
A: The placement of foils is simply a matter of choice. That's the great thing about foil highlighting; you can use them to add highlights (or targeted color) anywhere you desire on the scalp. The two techniques of performing the foiling - slicing and weaving - allow you to vary the amount of highlighting or color you add to a specific area.
If the goal is to add highlights (or color) to the hair below the "outer layers" of the hairstyle (which in most cases means the topmost layers) you simply need to section off the parts of the hair which are normally left on top when the hair is styled.
For example, if you normally wear your hair parted on the side, you will want to section off the hair evenly on either side of the parting. This will result in the normal hair overlaying the highlighted hair.
There are a number of very subtle and very bold looks that can be achieved thru foil highlighting or color application. All it takes is a little patience, practice and planning on the part of the person doing the foiling. Remember, as long as you plan it out, you'll be far less likely to make a mistake.
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