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Pink Hair Color

Q: Hi, I just got a chunk of hot pink (deep fushia) done at my hair salon. I find it too bright and was wondering if it will eventually fade to a nice cotton candy/baby pink and how long will it take to fade?
A: The good news (for you) is that in most cases these special effects hair colors will fade (and relatively quickly). The speed at which they fade depends on a number of factors: the condition of the hair, the type of hair color that was used and the aftercare products in your daily routine. But, there will be some fading.
The bad news is that there's no guarantee of the end-results as far as the specific color you'll have after the fading has run its course. If your hair is very porous, you could find the color settling into a much paler, pastel-colored pink instead of the "cotton candy" shade you want. It's much better to aim for the color you want from the start and work to maintain the color rather than rely on fading to get the color for which you are hoping.
You can most likely assist in the fading process by using a clarifying shampoo or other deep cleansing shampoo. Don't use these too frequently as they are designed to strip the hair of all of the oils and residues that build up on the hair and are too harsh for everyday use.
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