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Q: I have dyed my hair red and blonde. It's red in the front half and the back is blonde with some red highlights. My original hair color is dark brown so I had to bleach my whole head to get it this way. So my question is: I want to change my hair to caramel brown on the top and black or dark brown on the bottom. Will the red be able to dye properly without me having to lighten it again? And also it has only been a month since I dyed it and I am mixed with African-American. So is it a good idea to dye it so early?
A: This is a question I cannot answer specifically for your case. Theoretically, you can simply use a hair color-remover to strip away the color you have currently, and recolor your hair as you desire. Trying to achieve a carmel brown color will be difficult when starting with a red color initially. Your best bet is going to be removing the current color first.
In your specific case, you need to see a professional stylist and have the condition of your hair evaluated before doing any further coloring of the hair. Your combination ethnicity could be a factor, but you need to make sure by seeing someone who can personally see, and touch your hair to assess the condition of the hair, and make a qualified judgement on whether your hair will withstand a dramatic color change.
My main concern here is that you had to bleach your hair entirely to achieve the color you currently have. Having done this only a month ago means that only the 1/2 inch closest to your scalp will be new growth, and that is the only hair that will respond in a "normal" way.
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