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Get Back to Your Natural Hair Color

Q: Yesterday, I dyed my hair black. Is there any way I can get it back to my natural color, or at least something close? Before the black, I dyed the hair auburn red, but my natural color is light brown. Then, on a whim yesterday, I dyed my hair jet black. I would really like to get back to my natural color but I don't know how I can do it without killing my hair.
A: Well, if you used a permanent haircolor, you have no recourse but to use a color remover kit, or to visit your local salon for corrective color services. I actually recommend the latter, even though I do believe that many color services can be accomplished in a do-it-yourself fashion. In this case, the expertise of a salon professional could be invaluable, both for the fact that he or she can help you remove the color more safely and gently, and for the fact that once the color is removed, you will need to re-apply a color for a natural looking result.
With the at-home color remover kits, the results are generally a monochromatic beige tone. The color is usually flattened out and will require some tweaking with highlighting and low-lighting to achieve a truly dimensional color effect once again.
Remember that with your natural color as a light brown, the addition of the auburn red, followed by the jet black imparted a LOT of color into the hair shaft. All of the pigments of those colors are still present, and must be dealt with. Not knowing what you're doing can result in unfortunate color results and potential damage. Your best bet is to visit the hair salon and explain what you've done to your hair and seek their aid in setting things right.
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