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White Roots & Natural Hair Color

Q: I have darker blonde hair and I tried to put bleach blonde highlights in my hair and I did too much and now all of my roots especially on the top of my head are almost white. What color should I do to get rid of these highlights because I hate my hair and want my natural hair color or close to it back?
A: Okay, in your case, I recommend that you get a haircolor that is approximately your natural color, and purchase a 10-volume peroxide developer. When you get home, mix one ounce of the developer with one ounce of your favorite conditioner and then combine these with your haircolor (which comes in 2-ounce bottles). Apply this mixture on the hair all over the head, and allow it to process for 20-minutes.
The reason for the non-standard mixture is to make the processing a gentle as possible. Given the level of lightening, you should get adequate penetration of the color. If the results aren't as dark as you want afterwards, you can repeat the process after giving the hair a few days to "rest" in between.
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