Damaged Hair Follicles

Damaged hair
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Q: Is it normal to lose some hair at the root after a chemical hair service? I over did it dyeing my hair a few times in a matter of 5 weeks. Thinking it was ok because I was using natural dye but I just wasn't getting the color I wanted.
The last time I dyed it I accidently turned it black and had to use color fix with hydrogen peroxide. It stung and burned for a week and a half, and I even fevered. There were no burns on the scalp though. Could I have damaged the hair follicles? What are the symptoms of damaged hair follicles?

A: First of all, IT IS NOT NORMAL to lose hair after a chemical service. Hair loss after a chemical service is generally a sign that the service was wrong for your hair or that it was improperly performed.
Given what you have described, I can surmise that you have experienced some chemical burns on the scalp that have possibly affected the hair follicles. The stinging and burning are a sign that something is wrong, and you should have stopped the process immediately.
For the burning to persist for "a week and a half" and that you had accompanying fever was a sign that you needed to see a doctor. It is also a strong indication that the skin (and follicles) may be injured and most certainly are irritated.
I STRONGLY URGE you to see your family doctor (or get a referral to a dermatologist) and tell him what you have experienced. It's possible that the product used for the color fix is normally safe for use on the scalp, but you may be hypersensitive to ingredients in the product which is why you had the results you did.
I cannot stress the importance enough of performing tests BEFORE using a product on the scalp and hair. Patch tests and strand tests are designed to let you make certain that a product will be safe for your hair. I can't help but feel that if a patch test had been performed, you might have avoided the burning of your scalp.
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