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Lighten Medium Brown Hair

Q: I recently tried to lighten my hair but instead my hair went darker. So the next day I bought a lighter color and it still didn't lighten my hair. In fact it looks the same color. What do I need to do to lighten my hair? I want to go from medium brown to very light brown and I have reddish tints in my hair as well. Am I dye resistant? My hair is in good condition and very soft.
A: Well given that you hair became darker when you applied the original color means that your hair isn't dye resistant. It sounds like your problem is that you used a blonde hair color formula that was deposit-only, or was a low-lift color formula.
The thing to remember is that hair color is designed to "add" color to the hair. The end result depends on the original color. You can't add a blonde hair color formula to dark brown hair and expect it to be lighter. To go from a darker hair color to a lighter one you need to disperse some of the color already in the hair.
If you want to use some of the hair color kits available on the market today you can try the Feria line of Hi-Lift Browns which will lighten the hair up to 3 shades safely. Be sure to read the packaging instructions carefully to make sure the product is right for your hair.
You can also go to your local beauty supply shop and select a separate hair color and developer which will allow you to choose a stronger developer for more lift of the original color. (I do NOT recommend using anything stronger than 30-volume peroxide without professional supervision.)
It's difficult to make specific suggestions without being able to visually inspect your hair to classify its condition and current color. Just be aware that since you already have reddish tones, going to a lighter shade can bring out these tones, particularly if you use a hair color that has a red or orange base color.
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