Pros and Cons of Layered Hair

Hair stylist blow drying a layered haircut
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Q: What are the pros and cons of layered hair? Are there more pros than cons when layering your hair?
A: The "pros and cons" associated with layering hair depend completely on the wave pattern, texture and density of the hair in question. Hair that is fine, straight and thin is not likely to look good cut into a layered style. However, hair that is coarse, wavy and thick will probably look much better in a layered style in order to balance the bulk in the hair.
Layering is an excellent way to remove or balance the bulk (or weight) in the hair. This means the fullness that often occurs when some hair types are grown out. For instance, When someone has curly hair and grows it out to shoulder length, there is a tendency for the hair to form a pyramid shape on the head since the curl will cause the ends of the hair to flare outward.
By layering the hair, you can remove much of the bulk at the ends of the hair and give balance to the entirety of the hair.
If there is a "con" to layering the hair, it is that you MUST be sure to use layering techniques that are appropriate to the hair type you are working with. Less bulky hair types generally call for shallower layering, while fuller and more bulky hair types need to have their layering spread throughout the head.
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