Hair Pointing and Hair Slithering

Point cutting and slithering techniques
Q: Can you please tell me what Hair Pointing is and Hair Slithering and what is the difference? Can you give me an example? Thanks very much. I love all your hair cutting tutorials!
A: These are two very basic techniques for adding texture to the hairstyle and/or removing bulk.
Hair pointing, or point cutting is a technique where thin segments of the hair are combed up, held between the fingers and points are cut into the hair using the scissors pointing inward toward the scalp.
The effect can be very subtle or very chunky, depending on the width and depth of the points cut into the hair. Point cutting is typically used on shorter hairstyles to add texture and interest to the style, as well as to remove bulk and balance the hair in areas where it may be too thick.
Hair slithering, or simply slithering, is a technique where the hair is thinned by taking the scissors and holding them open slightly and gliding them along the length of the hair away from the scalp. Slithering is generally used to remove bulk from longer hair styles and to make the hair hang more smoothly or give a lighter texture to a long hairstyle.

Both of these techniques offer ways to add variety to very similar hairstyles, but you should always pay close attention to what your stylist is doing when you visit the salon. As a general rule, the hair should not be textured more often than every third haircut.
A stylist who performs these techniques more often on the individual (or is careless when performing them the first time) can remove too much hair and leave the hair looking ragged (short hair) or stringy (long hair).
Remember that it is your prerogative to tell the stylist if you feel he/she is removing too much hair with texturing techniques. You, as the client have the right to ultimately control what a stylist does with your hair. If at any point during any service, you should always feel free to stop a stylist and have him/her at least explain what is taking place.
Hair pointing or point cutting
Hair pointing - Photo: Nebojsa Markovic/Shutterstock
Slithering hair
Hair slithering - Photo: CandyBox Images/Shutterstock
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