Turtlenecks and Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston hair and turtleneck
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Q: I read that turtlenecks will be super fashionable this fall and winter. What are the best hairstyles and hair lengths to wear with a turtleneck?
A: Monochrome turtlenecks can be a great background for certain hairstyles, especially those that fall in the long and really short category. The reason for this is that turtlenecks create the perfect framework to showcase a hairstyle. Your neck, collarbones and chest area are concealed, which means that there’s nothing that detracts the attention from your face and hairstyle.
Long hair is flawlessly showcased in combination with a turtleneck, especially if you choose the color of the turtleneck while keeping your hair’s color in mind. If you have dark hair, wear a cream, white or some other light colored turtleneck. Straighten your tresses or curl the ends with a large-barrel curling iron, like many models do.
If you have blonde hair, try a black, charcoal or other deep colored turtleneck. This is because blonde hair tends to blend with light colored material, and dark hair tends to fade away when combined with a dark material.
If you want that extra kick of attention focused on your beautifully glossy tresses, choose a material that will make the hair stand out in sharp relief against the clothing. Also always remember to keep to tones and colors of clothing that complement your skin tone.
Very short hair worn in combination with an unfolded turtleneck is also very fashionable. Make sure that the turtleneck is close-fitted and without colored patterns or pictures/forms to make the most of its fashionable yet classy appearance. Stick with a structured and solid-colored turtleneck that compliments your body type. The turtleneck accentuates a woman’s form perfectly, without coming across as uncultured, as in the case of close-fitted attires which show a lot of skin.
Pixie cut and a turtleneck
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Short hair works well with turtlenecks as the hair doesn’t get caught in the fold of the material in the neck area. A well-styled modern pixie cut works great with a turtleneck, as it combines the elements of fashion and cutting-edge trendiness (the pixie cut), as well as incorporating style and timeless femininity (the turtleneck). Style your pixie in a foxy texturized and spikey style, while leaving your bangs wispy and soft around your face.
Styles that don’t work well with a turtleneck are medium length hairstyles that end right where the neck-fold of the turtleneck begins. The fold tends to mess with the way that you style your hair if you’ve got medium-length hair. The tips of your hair will be bent in directions that you didn’t intend for it to go. If your hair is bent by the turtleneck during the length of the day, you’ll end up with messy hair by the time that it’s evening and you want to go out.
The ends can also get caught inside the fold of the neck-material. This can be itchy or irritating, especially if you have very straight and medium to thick density hair. Medium hairstyles also tend to fade in with the silhouette of the turtleneck, as the hair’s length ends where the turtleneck begins.
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