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Q: Hi, I normally go to a salon to get a weave and a cut. However right now I am a little short on money. A friend told me that when she can't get a weave she goes to a salon and has them put a toner on her hair, which is much less. My hair is light blonde, as is my friend's hair.
My question is: what does the toner really do and is it a good alternative to getting a weave when I am not able to? Please email me back and let me know! Thank you!

A: Well, unless there is a new use of the term "toner" that I can't find a reference for, the idea of getting a toner on your hair is simply the addition of a light tinting glaze to the hair to slightly adjust or alter the original hair color.
Many women do opt for a mild color-enhancing process as an alternative to more expensive hair procedures. If you simply want to have a new look to get you through until you can get another weave, then the toner might be just the ticket. However, if the desire is for a specific result (added length to the style), then simply adding a touch of color to your hair will be less satisfying.
I can tell you that a toner is a great way to brighten and shine hair that appears dull or whose color has faded. Many salons mix their toners with a glazing additive that maximizes the shine and brilliance of the hair and can result in glossy-looking hair that is all the better for the process.
The bottom line is, what do you want from your salon experience? If you simply want to have something done to revitalize your look, then a toner can be exactly what you want. But if you want something more specific, you should look for alternatives that will give you results in that area.
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