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Hair Coloring (4)

Hair colors and coloring

Touch Up Gray Roots
How to touch up gray roots without visiting the hairdresser.
Your Hair/Skin Color vs Clothes Color
We all have our favorite clothes that look better on us than others. Depending on your hair and skin color certain clothes will make you look wonderful, others will wash you completely out.
The Difference Between Good Haircolor and Great Haircolor
The difference between good haircolor and great haircolor is a choice that makes all the difference long term. A cheap alternative always costs more, because you usually have to fix or supplement it.
Seasonal Color Choices
The question on many women’s minds is whether to try and maintain their summer hair color, let it revert to a natural fall and winter coloration, or make an all-at-once transition to a flattering seasonal color choice.
Color Treated Hair in Summer
How to take care of your color treated hair in summer and prevent sun and chlorine damage.
She’s a High Maintenance Gal
Depending on what the blonde has done to her hair is in direct connection with her maintenance. Some “ever to do well gals” just go to the salon and have a touch-up with a high volume tint once a month. Others allow their new growth to appear for a month or two before touching up.
Why Hair Turns Gray
There are a number of factors that can affect the rate at which hair turns gray and there's a lot that science doesn’t yet know about graying hair causes.
Hair Color Allergies
News reports indicate that there is an increase in the number of reported allergic reactions to hair dyes.
Black Light Hair Color
Neon hair that glows under UV light. The fluorescent hair look caught on when it was discovered that hair color could in fact glow and look great.
The ColorCascading technique is a fantastic way for grading and fusing colors from roots to points.
Blonde Smoke Highlights
This highlighting technique coats the lengths of the hair with a smoky blond shade for a more natural base color.
Balayage Under Color
Underlying hair layers colored to create a worn out effect, with roots remaining natural.
Tag Color & Platinum Blonde Highlights
Tag color highlights for a touch of modernity and platinum blonde highlights for soft contrasting hairtones.
Coal Tar Hair Dyes
In recent years, there has been an increasing amount of argument over the use of hair dyes. Depending on the source you encounter, hair dye is harmful. The reality lies somewhere in the middle of the extremes.
Books about Hair Coloring
Instructional hair coloring books.
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