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You won’t be weighed down anymore by knots, flyaways, and unruly humidity puff. And the fact that you have gone so bold and different will most definitely garner compliments and envy. But beware, some may not understand the need for the change. Just ignore any negativity because it is your life. But the good outweighs any bad and the confidence and freedom you will feel will automatically exude sexiness and attract others to you and your bold personality.
Your style can also change dramatically when you go short. You may feel more confident in wearing neck-baring shirts, collared blouses, or turtlenecks. You won't always be worried that your hair will get in the way, so the clothes you choose will be the focus of your style, and who knows where that inner pixie cut person will take you. Her style may be more outrageous and fun than the long-haired version of you, or you may just wear things differently as your inner confidence has shifted.
You have broken free from the hair restraints! Along with that, you won't always be on the lookout for a hair tie and bobby pins, and cute headbands will definitely become your friends. You will even be able to go completely without any additions to your hair in the sense that the pixie cut is fine on its own.
Remember, though, that to maintain the style you want, you will need to visit the salon regularly to keep it looking neat. Make your appointments every time you leave the salon, based on how quickly your hair grows, usually around eight weeks as hair grows about a quarter of an inch per month. Along with that, you will need to invest in some new hair products to complement and work with the new cut. Mainly some gel or pomade. These will definitely become part of your styling routine, but think about the follicular clean slate that you now have.
Girl wearing a cute pixie cut
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Any previous heat, sun, or color damage has now been officially erased with a few snips and you can now proceed with the healthiest of hair, which is an added bonus. There are just so many shorter hairstyles that you can try that you can gradually keep going until you reach the desired cut that you really want or feel completely comfortable sporting. Sometimes it is like ripping off a band-aid and just going for it. March into that salon, with a few photos that show what you are aiming for, sit in that chair, and let the experts do their work.
Side note: If you do not know who to trust to turn you into a pixie cut person, never be afraid to ask a random person where they got their haircut or go online and check out some local stylists’ lookbooks.
Quick tip: If you are undecided between a few pixie cuts, find a wig store and go find the cut and style that really gives you the confidence you need.
You can totally do this! Be bold, be fierce, take the risk,… experience the pixie cut sensation. Life is short and always remember this: hair grows back! Good luck and enjoy!
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