Happy young woman wearing a yellow turtleneck
Q: I know that turtlenecks make your breasts look bigger. What other positive or negative effects can a turtleneck have? Who should avoid them? Would a buttoned blouse with the buttons buttoned up all the way to the top have the same effect as a turtleneck?
A: Turtlenecks are great, classic looks that can be very versatile. However, if you are a person with a short neck, and/or a very round-shaped "moon" face, you may want to be careful about wearing a turtleneck without a mitigating garment (such as a blazer) to help counter the likelihood of the turtleneck making the neck appear non-existent.
IF the blouse you have in mind for replacing your turtleneck is of the "Russian- or Mandarin-collared" variety (meaning that it has a high collar that is not turned down and has NO tabs or buttoned-down points) then you would get the same benefits as a turtleneck. In fact, in many cases, such tops can be even MORE appealing as they include button plackets that further enhance the vertical line focus.
Photo: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock
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