Sandra Bullock Hairstyles

American actress Sandra Bullock was born on July 26th 1964 in Virginia. It has been said that she could rule the world because of her strong mindedness.
  • Sandra Bullock with medium length hair
  • Sandra Bullock with short hair
  • Sandra Bullock with her hair in a high top ponytail
  • Sandra Bullock with long hair
  • timeless midlength hairdo
  • long hair with curl
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Sandra Bullock with her hair up
  • Sandra Bullock with sleek long hair
  • Sandra Bullock hairstyle

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The star of "Miss Congeniality", "The Lake House" and many other blockbusters has walnut brown long hair and often wears it in straight and sleek styles. She is one of the few who really looks good and sophisticated with a ponytail anchored at the back of the crown.
Sandra has a no nonsense approach to her fashion and her haircuts and styles herself without any fluff in simple, strong looks that are not the center of attention, but the best accessory to her beauty and charisma. She often uses subtle highlights, just a few hues lighter than her natural tone, to add more dimension and glow to her hair.
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