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Sandra Bullock & Sara Sanderson

Sandra Bullock - 08/26/2009

Sandra Bullock wearing her hair in an upstyle Sandra Bullock has naturally dark brown hair that is completely stunning with her luscious deep brown eyes. There are bronzed and blonde stripes throughout her hair presenting a sun bleached effect to be scattered around her upstyle. Her hair is pulled away from her face and fastened in the back with different long strands hanging in the front. I've seen her look fabulous in keeping with her naturally dark hair and neat curls in the back of her head. She is a true winter and looks good when wearing colors like the bold greens, reds, white, black, pink, bright yellow, purple and blues.
There is a light foundation on her face with concealor, an iridescent light shadow, feathered and penciled eyebrows, heavy eyeliner, lashes and mascara. A touch of blush brings a light frosty color for her lips.
Sara Sanderson - 08/26/2009
Sara Sanderson - Long blonde hair with corkscrew curls
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Sara Sanderson is the envy of the party with her long blonde hair wrapped up in winding, twisting corkscrew curls that fall way beneath her shoulders. Her bangs are feather light that tip just below her eyebrows and offer a cheery welcome to those around. Her eyebrows are light and natural and are lifted up with a light eyes shadow around her greenish eyes. There is light eyeliner, mascara, a hint of blush and neutral base lip tint. She is wearing a remarkable Neptune green/blue color that is perfect for her hair, eyes and light golden skin tone. The only thing I would change for Sara is to put her curls over to one side and perhaps put a pretty matching hair band across her forehead. Totally smashing Sara!