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Sandra Bullock & Eddie Falco

Sandra Bullock - 06/01/2009

The fascination over Sandra Bullock's beautiful brown eyes has caused many a stir. Her hair is quite thick and hangs very heavy, whatever the hairstyle. We can see her hair has had golden blonde streaks in her deep brown hair. She has about a 5.1 cn or 2 inch new growth of her natural brown hair that looks completely delightful with the enchantment of her eyes. Tip: Most of the time, your eyes look their best next to your natural hair color. Bullock is a good example of this very thing. She has dark eyes and her dark hair shows them off, not the golden blonde streaks. Think twice before you get the highlighting and think about whether it is going to compliment your eyes or take away from their attractiveness. She is wearing her hair away from her face and into a ponytail with idle curls falling down her back.
Bullock wears a lot of bronzing with light/dark eye shadow, thin/medium brows, lashes, mascara, eyeliner up and down and a neutral flesh toned lip tint.
They say that black is back, but I don't think it's ever left. Sandra is wearing an unusual black gown with one thick strap and one skinny strap and in between the two is filled with a menagerie of what looks like pewter and pearls and no earrings.
Edie Falco - 06/02/2009
Edie Falco - Short blonde hairstyle with layers Edie Falco - Short haircut with collar touching hair length
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Edie Falco is wearing her beige blonde hair in short layers with a few thin slices of a darker blonde encased throughout her hairstyle. Her back is chopped short to be strictly collar touching. Her sides are combed down and then sprints out into various positions. Her top tends to be the most fun with the hair combed down from the crown and swished over with a few strands upon her forehead while the main section is brought up and back.
Edie's large blue eyes are framed with eyeliner, light/dark shadow, light natural brows, lashes and mascara, blush and light neutral lip tint.
We can always count on blondes looking good in their black dresses. Edia wears her large necklace that accessorizes her dress and no earrings.
I can visualize Edie being a strawberry blonde hair color. The warm tones from the hair would bring out her pink skin and magnify the color blue in her eyes. There is a pixie way about her, so I would put smaller colorful jewelry on her, next to her face. If she really wanted to draw attention, a colorful magenta scarf around her neck integrated with the dress would do the trick.