My Face Type (3)

Sandra Bullock hair
Sandra Bullock - Photo: Debby Wong/Shutterstock
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3. Square face has strong defined lines, but not without a feminine poise. You will see a straight hairline and a straight lower line. Problems with a square are quite similar to a round face. Hair can be fashioned to draw into the jaw area to give a break from the contour.
Old time movie star Joan Crawford had a very classic square face that gave her appearance of strength and determination. Joan's eyes were her attention getter. She would soften her appearance with her clothes and hairstyles when needed.
Sandra Bullock is a present day star with this feature and wears it well with her straight long hair cut in long layers that accept her challenging roles. Sandra's face compliments everyone who has a square shape, as it gives character and independence individually.
Contessa Brewer anchor lady on MSNBC has a very square contour. With a lovely nose that accommodates her classic lines she gives authority where needed as she wears her dark hair attractively along side her face framing the strength of her jaws. She gives good tribute to our square faced models.
Julia Roberts is also one named as square shaped and flattering her eye when she wears her waves and curls delicately around her face. Her face gives a sincerity to her personality with a strong mouth to match.
Demi Moore has the prominent features that a square face makes. She is especially known for her role in "Ghost" where she had a very short clipper cut up in the back and joining her tailored sides were found to be almost as short revealing her lovely angelic eyes.
4. Heart shape face is the opposite of a square face. You will see a wide forehead that practically matches the width in the cheek area then begins to narrow down into a slim lovely feminine chin. Many times you will see this shape have a widows peak in the middle of their forehead.
Reese Witherspoon hair
Reese Witherspoon - Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
One such actress is Reese Witherspoon. She can wear her hair with versatility like that of her oval sisters. We see her forever smiling as her cute chin has given her a real trademark Reese has button eyes that goes along with her spontaneous personality and heart shaped face.
One such famous heart shaped old time actress is Joan Collins who was one of the stars in the TV series "Dynasty" known as "Alexis". Classy Joan is forever youthful and successfully gets away with wearing her hair up and away from her face or short and sassy.
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