Widow's Peak

Hair with a widow's peak
Q: What does a widow’s peak look like? Is it possible to get rid of a widow’s peak or should you accept it and learn how to live with it?
A: A widow’s peak is the configuration of a person’s hairline where the central point of the hairline dips into a sort-of point on the forehead.
It is commonly seen in men who are beginning to lose their hair or whose genetics and ancestry lend themselves to receding hairlines, but some men with full and lush heads of hair have that little “extra” point that dips down onto the forehead.
Even some women have widow’s peaks. In fact, the term ‘widow’s peak’ originated with women and was the beak or tip of a woman’s mourning hood which was commonly worn in the 16th century.
The term for such a hair configuration on a man is “widower’s peak” originally, but the simplification of the language usage has led to one term for both genders. It was a superstitious belief that a woman whose hairline dipped thusly in the forehead would outlive her husband (and vice-versa).
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As for getting rid of a widow’s peak, you COULD use standard hair-removal techniques, with varied levels of success (shaving probably wouldn’t be successful for a person with fair skin and dark hair), or contact an esthetic’s doctor about laser hair removal (costly and takes several procedures). But most people simply try to adapt and work with the configuration, since it tends to make them more-unique among their circles of friends.
(Photos of celebrities with a widow's peak: Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Gavin Rossdale and Jude Law)
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