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Jennifer Morrison hair
Jennifer Morrison - Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
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5. Pear shaped face is when you will see the forehead area a little bit more narrow as the hair grows more into the temple/forehead area expanding with a wide jaw and chinline. To achieve balance it is good to wear your hair fuller going into your jaws for that illusion we talked about earlier.
One named star is attractive Paula Marshall who is acting in "Out of Practice." Paula wears a light concealor between her eyes to bring the width of space she needs. Her brows are lightly penciled with eyeliner on the top and on the bottom beginning about a quarter away from her nose for that needed space. Her lip color has been penciled with a dark outline with the inside a bit lighter and the very middle part is yet lighter for expansion.
Maggie Lawson is another good example of a pear shaped face. She wears her blonde hair mostly down around her face with a change to wearing one side behind her ears. Her eyes are lined to bring out her beauty.
Redhead Jennifer Morrison who plays Dr. Allison Cameron on House's team could very well have a pear shaped face as her hair grows more into her forehead and temple sides. She usually wears her hair blown straight with width along the sides of her face.
6. Long or Oblong Face Shape. Most of the time, you are going to see a long narrow face with coveted hollow cheeks. To bring an illusion through disguise would be to bring your hair over forehead for bangs and perhaps brushed into your lower jaw line as well.
One popular songstress who has this oblong structure is Cher. Her face matches her long torso as well. Because she is quite streamlined in everyway she can successfully wear anything she puts on. Although her face looks better with her hair styled down and around her face. Her name is fashion.
Kristian Alfonso hair
Kristian Alfonso - Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Soap star Kristian Alfonso has a long strong oblong structure and wears her hair along side her face for softness. Notice her high cheek bones that are so prominent for this design.
Holly Marie Combs is another framed oblong. Most of the time you will see her on TV Charmed of where she wears her hair blown smoothly around her face with reddish cinnamon slices running through her hair. Very attractive.
Desperate Housewife red-headed Marcia Cross has possibly a cross between a long and square face. She wears her flame hair with smooth lines and turned under revealing her forehead.
Alyson Hannigan hair
Alyson Hannigan - Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock
7. Diamond shaped face. There are few findings that have this lovely shaped model. Gina Tribbiani could have this shaped face. She usually wears her bangs long and going over the sides of her forehead. You will see a very delicate chin that is one of the signs of a diamond.
The temple/forehead area will be very short in width similar to that of the pear onto, and as the face moves downward will lengthen in the eye and cheek area to move into that pointy chin.
Alyson Hannigan could very well have a diamond shaped face. When you see the hairline growing in closely on the temple and the face coming back into that point, chances are it could be a diamond.
Martha Byrne looks very closely to being a diamond. Her hairline comes in close in her forehead, then the face expands and goes into that pointy chin again.
What is your type? Take a hair band and pull your hair back away from your face. Take a good look and what do you see? Close one eye and look again. Take a crayon and draw on your mirror the form you are seeing. Is your forehead wide like those who are heart shaped? Does it narrow down as you look at this?
Take a measuring tape to be certain and measure across. Numbers will tell you the truth. Measure your width across your forehead, across your cheeks and across your jaw area and across your chin. Which is the widest? Which is the least? Measure your face lengthwise. Do this with a friend and have her give you her honest opinion. Good friends can see things that we cannot at times.
Whatever shaped face you were born with, be happy and thankful for it and, remember, even the celebrities have your face shape.
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