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Classic Short Celebrity Hair Styles (2)

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Although she now does most of her work behind the scenes as a director for many of the most popular comedy series of the last decade, Ms. Bearse still has her classic, funky, short style. She has foresworn her old blonde color for a natural salt and pepper, but as you can see here, the cut is still close-cropped, razor-textured, wild and punk-like. It's the perfect counter-point to accentuate her large, expressive eyes and apple-cheeked face.
Lisa Rinna:
Lisa Rinna Another actress who has made a name for herself in daytime drama, Ms. Rinna has a fanatical following among soaps fans, who have followed her from her stint as Billie on "Days of Our Lives" to her current job as host of Soap Talk, on Soapnet Television. While initially, Ms. Rinna's hair has always been on the longer side (usually at least shoulder length) she has had forays (in more recent years) into shorter hair looks.
These days, (as shown) Ms. Rinna's shag cut has reached the true "short hair" stage, showing that short hair can still be sexy and glamourous and that a short hairstyle doesn't always mean gamine, or boyish. Her rich brown hair has warm, golden highlights and layer upon layer of dimensional coloring. Combined with the textured razor-cutting, the hair is both trendy and fashionable, without once appearing anything less than feminine.
It should be noted that even with her squared jaw, the short style works, due to the flared ends of the hair which are textured and styled with an outward bend to create a rounding silhouette.
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