What is a Pixie Cut?

Contemporary pixie cut
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Q: What is a pixie cut?
A: A pixie cut is a short, feminine haircut with the hair typically cut around the ears, short in the back, and a little longer on top of the head. Many people simply refer to it as a short crop. It is a very sassy haircut. It can make you look stunning, but it takes some courage to go for a pixie cut.
You will stand out more with a pixie cut. This can be an advantage, but sometimes a disadvantage. It depends on how confident you are. Getting your hair cut really short is a radical thing to do, and you have to deal with various emotions and reactions. People who know you will be surprised; you will receive compliments on your new look, but there may also be people who do not like it.
A disadvantage, or possibly an advantage for some, of a pixie haircut is that one must get their hair trimmed regularly to keep the hairstyle in shape. A monthly haircut is recommended. Monthly visits to the hair salon cost money, but you will always experience that wonderfully refreshing feeling when your hair is trimmed again!
A pixie cut accentuates the wearer's face, and it is extremely important to choose a style that suits the shape of one's own face!
Pixie cuts for different face shapes
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If you have a round face, it is best to select a pixie cut with extra volume at the top. The volume will make your face look longer. Definitely avoid extra bulk on the sides as that would make your face look even rounder. Side-swept bangs and a side part are good ideas for those with a round face.
If your face is elongated, it is best to choose a pixie cut with extra volume on the sides. This can be achieved by opting for a wavy style or a side part. Avoid bulk at the top as that would make your face look even longer.
If you have a square face, it is best to choose a pixie cut with layers. The layers will provide differences in length and break up the angularity of your face.
If your face is diamond-shaped, layering and adding extra volume at the top is a good idea. Keep the sides really short to accentuate your cheekbones more.
What is a pixie cut?
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A heart-shaped face is ideal for a pixie cut. You can safely cut the nape very short. Long bangs, possibly styled to the side, provide a stunning contrast to the short hair at the nape.
If your face is oval, you have the ideal face shape and you can choose any hairstyle. Whether you choose to have bangs, no bangs, layers, or a buzzed nape, anything is possible!
Are you ready to cut your hair pixie-short, or are you not entirely convinced yet? Do you like short haircuts, and would you like to experience the feeling of it? Ask your hairdresser for advice, and who knows, one day you could be a "pixie person" as well!
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