Brittany Snow Hairstyles

hair flowing over the shoulders hairstyle for prom curly bouncy hair Brittany Snow with long messy curls forties make-up look hair with a versatile length Brittany Snow with short hair
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Brittany Snow is an American actress, born March 9, 1986. She showed her musical side in Hairspray as Amber Von Tussle and played the lead role as Donna Keppel in Prom Night.
The gorgeous blonde has long, wavy hair and likes to show it off in many ways. In general her style is casual and gets as sporty as long, luxurious hair can get. Wearing her hair open in a "back from the beach" fashion is a great every day look for the actress.
The over the shoulder length hair makes it easy for Brittany to build fancy updos for festive events; and with more definition of her curls, Brittany exudes the classic beauty of old Hollywood. Medium blonde hair gets this sun kissed effect with well distributed highlights.
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