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Brittany Snow & Coleen McLoughlin

Hairspray New York City Movie Premiere

Brittany Snow - Hair tied with a hair clasp        Our celebrity Brittany Snow began modeling at the tender age of three and when she was twelve landed a prime role on the soap opera Guiding Light, portraying a teenager named Susan LeMay and she has been busy working ever since.
Brittany's hair color is an overall blonde with mini slices of golden blonde that is spread around to give that zap, that every girl feels she needs. Her natural hair looks like it might be a combination of a dark ash blonde and a light brown. Having this combination makes it easy to lift up Brittany's hair with a single process, through a blonde tint. That is one of the wonderful things about being a natural blonde and desiring to be a few shades lighter. No problem!
       Her hair is parted on the side with everything brushed over to her right side and tied with a hair clasp with the rest of the hair hanging below her shoulders in a form of messy relaxed curls. For an accessory, she has black droplet earrings that match her thickly black and white striped evening dress. What about a very thin black necklace that would match the dress and earrings? What do you think?
Preview of ASAD Autumn-Winter 2007-2008 Collection
Coleen McLoughlin - Long and partly braided hairstyle Coleen McLoughlin - Long hair with braided sides and crown
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       Coleen McLoughlin is a columnist and writes for the magazine called Closer. She has done some modeling and British soaps but her real claim to fame is being connected to the British football player and fiancĂ©, Wayne Rooney.
       Coleen is wearing her hair in an off centered part that is braided up the sides and into the crown that appears to be sort of a Maid Marion look. The rest of the hair hangs down pass her shoulders in a smooth straight image. In both photos we can see the blonde slices that have been foiled in to bring a contrast to her lovely brown hair. As you know, there are several methods to achieve such a straight look. One is using your flat iron and a smoothing serum afterwards. Another tip is using a large round iron and gliding from the head, downwards to the ends, after you have sprayed a product similar to hotsets on your hair. No one knows your hair like you do and with the trial and tests you will soon learn what works best for you to work with.