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Versatile Hair Length

Brittany Snow was at the Los Angeles premiere of "Charlie St. Cloud" on July 20, 2010 and she wore her light blonde hair in a crooked side part and in a partial medium length bob.
The heavier side fell over her top into a smooth sexy form that curved around the rest of her hair and her other side was tucked behind her ears.
Brittany has the ideal versatile length to wear her hair, as it can be worn up or down, literally flipped up or down, smooth or curly and even in braids or twists.

Because of her light toned skin, Brittany wears a light foundation with pink tones. Her eyebrows are kept light and she is wearing thick eyeliner on the top and grey smudged liner on the bottom along with lashes and mascara. There is a light pale pink blush and light pink lip tone.
Let's be fair and apply a little bit more blush on Brittany's cheeks and take off some of the eyeliner because her dark eyeliner closes in her pretty eyes. If we were to wrap green or blue garment around her neckline it would make her eyes pop and bring out her skin tones.
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