Amber Valletta Hairstyles

Amber Valletta - short hairstyle Amber Valletta - festive short hairstyle Amber Valletta - medium length hairstyle Amber Valletta with shoulder length hair Amber Valletta with her hair styled to one side Amber Valletta - above the shoulders hairstyle Amber Valletta wearing her hair in a pixie
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Born in 1974, American Amber Valletta possesses an exotic look that is her trademark for a successful modeling and fashion career. Her hair and career have gone through many changes over the years. Even though her first dream was to become a sociologist, she was taken off course when discovered to have striking features for modeling.
Her exotic looking face makes this brunette a very striking figure of beauty. Her flat forehead and chiseled jawlines is the perfect platform for wavy, unruly and front part hairstyles. She does well with a flip, bob and pin up. Wearing her hair slicked back commands a stare from onlookers.
She has been seen wearing a sophisticated chignon and side fringe that gives her a distinctive and chic appearance. Amber can wear an ordinary ponytail or odango and still rock it. A shaggy mid-length hairstyle would also be ideal for versatility and flexibility.
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