Alicia Keys Hairstyles

Alicia Keys (Alicia Augello Cook, born January 25th, 1981) is an American R&B and soul singer, pianist, cellist and actress. Her debut album Songs in A Minor was a worldwide success. She made small cameos in Charmed and American Dreams and her big screen debut was in 2007 in the crime film Smokin' Aces.
photo of Alicia Keys below the shoulder hair with coiled curls Alicia Keys with her hair in a ponytail Alicia Keys wearing a gold high neck top Alicia Keys Alicia Keys with short hair
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Alicia likes to play with her looks and can be seen with many different hairstyles, some of which are quite unique and elaborate, like complicated braiding techniques that seem to require 6 hands, others are soft and feminine, like open waves, styled out of her face.
With her highly expressive features she only requires minimal make-up, for example a light foundation, smoky eye shadow, a touch of liner and mascara. For the lips she does best with mild, earthy colors from a smoky rose or nude to bronze.
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