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Hair Brushed Back

Smokin' Aces World Premiere - Hollywood 01/18/2007

Alicia Keys sings, writes and acts and so much more. This busy lady apparently goes to the gym and works out too by the looks of her muscular tones.
Alicia wears her long hair laying about her shoulders, sometimes crimped and sometimes straightened. Everything is brushed back and then decidedly allowed to lay where it pleases.
Use large hot rollers on the top, all wound back away from the face. Roll your hot rollers down on the sides and tilted toward the back about an inch. Roll everything under in the back. Brush vigorously and spray. One tip: do not be above trying out hair extensions, most of the celebrities do.
Alicia Keys wearing her hair brushed back Alicia Keys wearing her long hair open Alicia Keys wearing a long black dress
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