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Ponytail & French Braid

Amazing singer Alicia Keys was beautiful as ever on September 7th, 2008. All of her hair was pulled back in an elaborate and artful ponytail that almost stole the attention from her stunning features.

The two partitions from each temple to the back of the head, section the hair off to create a French braid from the forehead to just past the crown. Here all the rest of the hair is connected to the braid and formed into a ponytail. The rubber band is wrapped with hair, to make it look natural and have no visible foreign materials.
Her make-up reflects the gray and brown tones of the dress, which has a high turtleneck that repeats the wrapped structure of the ponytail.
Alicia Keys wearing her hair in a ponytail Alicia Keys - Ponytail with a French braid Close up photo of Alicia Keys hair Alicia Keys wearing her hair pulled back
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