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Alicia Keys with Long Curly Hair

A stunning Alicia Keys attended the 2010 Gotham Magazine Annual Gala on March 15, 2010.
Her curly long, wavy hair must have captured every heart at the affair as it was sectioned off in the center and then secured away from her face with the exception of leaving a couple of coils along her temples. Her hair is super thick and healthy with the coils made with a small spiral curling iron. Absolutely outstanding!

Alicia's hairstyle would be quite laborious when you think about taking the small sections needed to achieve the full thickness desired for this hairstyle. A permanent or body wave would work wonders for this type of look.
Even with a body wave, there would still be labor tasking and upkeep to consider before you decide to try this hairstyle because after you wash your perm it isn't going to fall into full coils all of the time. There will be spot touch ups.
Alicia Keys with long curls side view of Alicia Keys hairstyle with curls Alicia Keys with long curled hair Alicia Keys wearing a shiny dress
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