Alicia Keys' Straight Long Hair

Alicia Keys at Rockefeller Center in New York City
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Alicia Keys was on the NBC Today's Show Toyota Concert Series at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Alicia wears her hair in a simple straight style with the main theme being sectioned in the middle and with slithers on the ends of her layers.
There are various colors in her hair from a dark mahogany to a golden bronze growing out on her ends. Her hair is angled upon her sides and would be an easy keeper for those who like the slithered straight appearance.
Alicia Keys with long straight hair in New York City
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Your first step would be to get the haircut and then decide if you want to blow dry it or let it dry by itself and then take the flat iron to conform the hair into the desired straightness.
Make sure you protect your hair with styling products such as: a styling mousse, gel, lotion or crème either way. The styling products will coat the shaft of your hair and help protect your hair from the heat of the flat iron.
In fact, if your hair isn't turning out the way you like, maybe a change in your styling product might be what you need. Instead of gel or mousse, try a lotion or a crème. It is best to interchange with your shampoos, conditioners and styling products from time to time anyway.
Turtlenecked Alicia Keys on NBC Today Show
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Alicia has a matt foundation on her face with concealor in the inner creases of her eyes and three different colors of eye shadow blended with first the white, a smoky plum and back to white. There is eyeliner encircling around her eyes, lashes and mascara. Her eyebrows are a feathery natural brown and there is a frosted pink tint on her lips.
She is wearing a sparkled gold high neck trimmed in black and covered with her turquoise jacket.
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