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Alicia Keys & Charlotte Dutton

We Are Together Screening 04/26/2007

       Our celebrity has sold 28 million albums! This must be why she is smiling. Alicia Keys has worn her hair in a variety of ways and this time she is playing it cool with a side part and below the shoulder hair with coiled curls on the sides wrapped away from her face. Gloss can make a big difference on the over all appearance of a style and this means healthy or unhealthy. We can see the shine in Ms. Key's hair that gives this look of fitness and wholeness. Picture this photo without any sheen, as it would look drab and lifeless.
The only thing I would add or change with Ms. Keys is to place a lovely diamond necklace around her neck to add to her sparkle.
The 2007 Gumball Rally Party in London 04/27/2007
Charlotte Dutton - Wedge haircut for pale blonde hair
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       Not only is this lady a model but she competes in snowboarding and has been doing this since she was eleven years old! Amazing! She is a prime example of someone who doesn't give up their goal in life.
       Charlotte Dutton has that light pale blonde hair that comes very close to being platinum and she wears a side part and every strand is smooth coiffed under while styled back. This is a very stylish wedge that is tapered up in the back while the crown meets the close knit layers on the bottom. The sides are all one length or close to it. Her bangs hang about an inch over her brows. A good comparison to her hairstyle, is how Dorothy Hamill used to wear her hair. This style is good for sports and it is short and easy and usually wash and go.