Preppy Look for Girls

Preppy girl
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Q: I dated a guy this weekend, and he told me that he loved the preppy look for girls. I'm ready to wear polo shirts instead of T-shirts and to swap my turtleneck sweaters for cardigans over oxford shirts. But what should I do with my hair? Is there a prep style for hair too?
A: The "prep look" for hair is pretty simple. In fact, simplicity is the key.
You want the hair to look neat and well-groomed at all times. A simple ponytail worn low on the back of the head, an Alice band holding your bangs in place, and maybe at times a simple comb-out to let your locks flow. These are all classic prep looks.
Layers are fine, but don't go for too-trendy styles. Blunt cuts with beveled ends or perhaps a few simple long strands framing the face are about as far as you want to go with trendy styling.
The key to the prep look is to look like you're not really making an effort to look fantastic. You don't want a lot of fussy styling or a lot of eye-catching hair ornaments. Keep the ponytail holders and bands either coordinated with your outfit, or in a neutral shade.
A simple silver clip for the hair, or something in tortoise shell (a comb or Alice band) are also classic, and classy looks). You should look like you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, not with silver streaks in your hair.
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