Silk and Satin for Healthy Hair

Silk or satin blouse and healthy long hair
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Q: I read that silk or satin pillows are good for your hair when you sleep because it causes less friction against the hair. Does the same apply to clothes?
When you have long hair and you want to keep it as healthy as possible, is it better to wear silk or satin blouses then instead of cotton blouses?

A: You may find it doesn't make that much difference to wear silk or satin blouses even if your hair is very long. The reason is this:
When you sleep, your head is generally pressed in constant contact with the pillow or bedding. The hair between the head and the bedding is then "rubbed" against the bedding as you move during the night. It's this friction that causes the damage that using silk and satin fabrics can help to combat.
Now, when you are awake and moving about your daily routine, the hair may brush against the fabric of your blouse (or shirt, dress,...), but it generally isn't rubbed into the fabric as a matter of course. It is more likely that the hair simply lies against the fabric of your blouse with little or no constraint.
That being said, there is one fashion item that you should consider when it comes to keeping the hair smooth: scarves that you choose to wear should be silk or satin. I am speaking specifically of scarves that you wear to cover your hair or wear as an accessory to tie the hair back in the myriad ways available to a creative individual. Since the purpose of the scarf in this case is to confine and restrain the hair, you want a fabric that can do so without roughing up the cuticle layer too much.

So, wearing silky or satiny blouses, shirts and dresses won't make much of a difference, but it won't be bad for your hair either. Even if the advantage is only minimal, it is always a plus. Also, apart from the positive impact on the health of your hair, it is attractive to see long hair sliding over the shiny silk or satin. This visual aspect is not to be underestimated and makes your hair look healthier.
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