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Practical hair for a little girls
Practical hairstyle for a girl - Photo: Istockphoto
When I found out that we were expecting our second baby girl, I was ecstatic and a bit concerned. I never had a sister, so I was very excited that my 2 years old would have one to grow up with. My concern stemmed from the fact that I had a hard enough time getting my hair fixed and my toddlers hair fixed on any given morning, let alone another girl's hair. I figured that the only way it would all work is if I hired a personal hair stylist just to fix everyone's hair! Well, when I stopped dreaming I knew that my views would have to change and I needed to figure out a few tricks.
When I was a little girl with very long hair, I rarely went to school without it being in braids, French braids, or ponytails of some sort. I remember my mom letting me go with barrettes one day, and I thought that I had won the lottery because my hair was down, although I still had to sleep the night before with curlers poking into my head all night long. I knew that this approach probably would not work for me with my two girls. My mom only had one to worry about. I instantly knew that I needed to lower my "standards".
I started out with my two year old wearing a bow and/or piggy tails in her hair from the time her hair was long enough to tug and pull it into rubber bands. After the baby, though, getting everyone's hair combed was an accomplishment. Once the craziness of the new baby wore off I went back to fixing hair and have found some pretty good hairstyles for active girls. We have been long and short, up and down, and even striped with purple. I feel like I have seen it all, and now with a third girl here I need to be on top of my game.
To start with, short hair is obviously the easiest, but it is not for everyone. Girls with medium to thick hair that is straight to wavy do best with short hair (above the ear). Curly hair can sometimes end up looking a little out of control when it is cut too short and fine hair has a tendency to lay too closely to the head, lacking body. A fun cut that both of my older daughters have had is a type of modified bob. Most of the hair is one length and parted on the side. The bulk of the hair is cut at the ear or just above. The back is stacked which helps in adding body. If the ends tend to flip out, dry them slightly with a small round brush or ease them under while the hair is still wet and spritz with spray gel.
Hairstyles for little girls
Hair ideas for little girls - Images via Canva
For those girls who do not want to cut their locks, there are many cute styles for long hair. Let's start with the cut. This is kind of all over the page; straight, layered, bangs, no bangs, really long, medium, etc. For very thin hair layering the hair can help to give the appearance of a thicker mane. Girls with thick, straight hair look great with a blunt cut. It will show the thickness of the hair and look really healthy. Thick curly hair needs to be layered so the tresses do not end up overpowering the cut and the girl.
The perms that are available now are excellent choices as well. A little bit of a wave perm can add a lot to fine straight hair. Beware, though, perms on young children may not always take as well as older girls. The change in hair and perming usually happens right around the onset of menstruation, so that is something to keep in mind before dropping a huge amount for a perm that may just "fall" out of the strands. As well as adding curls, one may choose to add a little accent color.
There are a lot of very gentle temporary hair colors on the market for very little money. Try adding something fun like purple or red streaks. My daughters just washed out the last of the purple in their hair. One had a purple chunk in the front of her dark hair which just gave a purple hue, the other had purple streaks throughout her light hair which was quite a dramatic look. The color lasted for only about 2 weeks before completely washing clean.
In addition to cuts, perms and colors there is any number of ways to fix long hair. Check out TV shows and hair magazines and try to recreate the looks. Also, check out the web for instructions on some of the more difficult looking do's. I will talk a lot more about some simple but effective styles in my next article. Until then, take some time to play with your hair and find out what works the best for you. Feeling good about yourself and being confident in your own body is the most important thing that a girl can accomplish. So be yourself, be confident, be happy!
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