How to Fix Ponytails

How to fix a ponytail for a little girl
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So, I promised you an article about how to fix girls' hair. Hopefully, you haven't been sitting around with your hair falling into your face and getting in the way while waiting to read this. I have come to the computer to write this article, drawing on years of experience to guide my fingers. Although I am not a great typist or a fabulous writer, I am relying on my time spent fixing dolls' hair, then my own, and then my kids' hair. Here we go, it's time to loosen up your fingers and gather your supplies... let's style!
We'll start with the simple and work up to the not-so-simple. First things first: ponytails. Ponytails can be placed anywhere on the head, but the most typical spot is on either side of the head. Start by combing the hair out so that there are no tangles. From there, make a part down the middle of the head with a narrow comb. Start at the front of the head and work towards the nape of the neck, trying to do this in one stroke so as not to have a lot of small "hiccups" in the line.
It may take several attempts to get a nice, straight part in the middle of the head. Gather one half of the hair and put it into a loose ponytail to keep it out of the way, then start combing the locks on the other side until they are smooth. Gather it all up with your hands and secure it with a tangle-free elastic band. Then, move on to the other side and do the same thing. Experiment with ponytails using some of the hair in the front or all of the hair in one big ponytail, either high on the back of the head or low at the nape of the neck.
How to part hair to make a ponytail or pigtails - Hair sectioning
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Have fun with the accessories you choose as well. This is an easy and fun way to add some personality to your hairstyle. Tie up your tail with ribbons or yarn, and add some beads for a little sparkle. There are also things called hair jewels that can be twisted into hair that has been pulled tight. Barrettes can also be added to make your style stand out. Another cute way to dress up a ponytail is to not pull all of the hair through the elastic band on the last time through. Pull until there is about 4 inches or so, depending on the length of the ponytail, before all of the hair is pulled into the ponytail. This is called a "dew drop" at my daughter's gymnastics gym and is very popular among girls of all ages.
Braiding is the next step up the ladder of difficulty in hair design. However, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Seriously, if you can separate that nicely made ponytail into three equal sections, you have it made. Start with the three sections, cross the section in your left hand over the center section, then do the same with the section in your right hand, pulling the hair as tight as you want for the desired look. Keep doing this crossing right and then left until the hair is braided. It may help to spritz the hair with a little water to keep stubborn strands in check. Once this has been mastered, try braiding without the hair being in a ponytail first.
How to do a Braided ponytail with a headband
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For all of you with nimble fingers and the dexterity of a brain surgeon, the highest level of difficulty is the French braid. Start by separating a small section at the front or top of the head into three equal parts. Begin braiding, after the first left and right overlay, gradually add a small amount of hair to each left and right section. Continue adding and braiding until you reach the nape of the neck, then finish off the braid. I would strongly suggest dampening the hair with a squirt bottle, but make sure the hair is not too wet, as it may make it very difficult to get a smooth French braid.
Once again, experiment with where you braid your hair, straight down the back of the head or one on either side. Have fun and don't expect to have a perfect French braid on your first try. It takes a lot of practice to figure out what works for your hands and what look you like, whether it be a tight or loose braid.
Remember that hair should not be taken too seriously. Have fun with it, experiment, and find the styles that work best for you. Also, look beyond the hair accessory section of the store; think outside of the box for ways to personalize your do. Shoelaces, jewelry, and ribbons from the fabric store can all be cute ways to finish off the perfect style.
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