Haircutting Scissors & Clippers

Hair clippers and scissors
Best Shears for Home Haircuts
How to invest in good shears for home haircuts. There are many choices for shears and many benefits to occasional home hair trimming.
Hair Cutting Questions and Answers
Questions and answers about cutting hair, including questions about the correct use of scissors and other haircutting tools.
How To Choose Haircutting Scissors
Some basic guidelines and tips to make sure that whatever your budget is, you get the shears that will work best for you.
How to Hold Your Shears
The two main variations for gripping the shears (Western Grip and Eastern Grip), and information on the tasks for which they work best.
Caring for Your Haircutting Shears
Some tips to help you make sure your shears stay in good working order.
Clipper Cutting Techniques
If you start to delve into the realm of clipper cutting the hair, you'll soon learn that although the lengths of the haircuts created in your average clipper styles are much shorter, the number of different hairstyles possible is just as varied. At least, the terms for the hairstyles are varied. There are some basics, however, and that's what we try to focus on here.
Hair Clippers Buying Guide
What you need to look for when purchasing the right clippers for your needs. It's an investment and you want to put your money in the right brand and you want it to fit your lifestyle, like any other beauty product you would purchase.
Tips for Clipper Cutting Success
There are a few things about cutting hair with clippers that are different than when cutting hair with scissors.
The Shaved Head
So you've made the decision to shave your head, and the time has come to put your plan to practice. The first step is going to be getting your hair to a length where shaving can be easily accomplished. This means a clipper cut.
The Carecut - Heated Scissors
An innovative professional hair cutting system based on the application of gentle heat which seals the ends as the hair is cut.
Hatala Hair Cutting Level
The Hatala Hair Cutting Level is a small hair cutting guide tool that helps you to cut a straight line.