Hatala Hair Cutting Level

Hair cutting level
Carpenters and contractors have been using tubular spirit levels for centuries to keep their lines straight. It was about time for someone to pick up on the idea and to put a small version of it on a ring!
Anyone who has ever cut hair knows that it is not always easy to get a perfectly straight line with only using your fingers as the indicator. Fingers are not straight themselves and different even from person to person.
The Hatala Cutting Level comes to the rescue and it will save hair stylists time to cut the perfect shape into the hair, without guessing and potential reshaping later.
Tubular spirit level for hair cutting
The ring that it is mounted on is open to one side to keep it flexible and one size for all. It sits snug on the finger, but is always comfortable. Just checking the little bubble in the glass tube will help seasoned professionals as well as beginners to cut straight but also angles. Two lines across help as a guideline for angled lines.
Used correctly the Hatala Cutting Level is the most effective and the smallest hair cutting guide tool on the market and is way ahead of its competition in the shape of bowls, eyeballs or clip-in-the-hair guides.
This helpful little device was developed by Sharon Hatala, a passionate and dedicated hairstylist for two decades. Especially when she was working with students, she realized a need and spent 5 years to design and patent her practical invention.
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