Hair Clippers Buying Guide

Cutting hair with clippers
Clipper cutting hair - Photo: Bigstock
So, you have grown tired of going to the barber for touch ups or possibly, you just do not have the time to drop in anymore for a touch up. Maybe you want to maintain a funky undercut or your child will only sit still for a short amount of time and furthermore, will only sit still for you. The price of a fresh cut every four to eight weeks may start to be a nuisance and out of your budget leading you to contemplate purchasing a set of your very own home hair clippers.
Sure, you have seen them on television or have passed by them at the store, but what do you really know about buying clippers, not to mention the best of the best so that you will not mess up? You want a sense of security with your purchase and with that may come an additional cost but in the end, you may save much more than you would have spent in a year’s time.
Much like with any hair product like shampoo, conditioner, or hair color, there are so many clipper choices, one could get lost and end up walking away, feeling insecure and inept but that does not have to be the case. There are five brands that have gotten the best ratings thus far and when it comes to making the final purchase, you should consider one of them, depending on your price range.
There are Andis, Oster, Wahl, Babyliss, and Philips Norelco, and of course, Remington, Revlon, etc. I am not saying that they are not all quality brands but the shelf life of some brands may not be as long as you may desire and if you are to make this investment, you should start with the best.
Though clipper cutting may be new territory for you, unlike buying shaving razors, you will quickly learn what you need to look for when purchasing the right clippers for your needs. What I love about my clippers and the ones that I have used for many years to maintain an undercut is the fact that there are colored attachments. These will help to guide you as to how long or short you wish to take the buzz.
Some of the clippers actually have the correlating colors on them, so it is really hard to mess up as you can see what is the shortest attachment and what is the longest. You really should make sure that your clippers have this feature just because it takes much of the guess work out of a situation you may already be nervous about.
You will also want your clippers to have a powerful motor to plow through even the thickest of hair, if you have chosen to be the at home touch-up artist for your partner and they have particularly unruly locks. As for clipper sizes, it does not really matter unless you are cutting kids hair. Then you should aim for smaller clippers. That will help you to get around the little ears.
You will also want to make sure that if the clippers do not come with a cord (I prefer the cords, to be completely honest), you want to know that the quality of the brand has a reputation for lasting a long time. Recharging constantly can be a pain and an unnecessary piece of the puzzle so try to find one with an hour (sixty minutes minimum) guarantee after being charged. It will allow you to change the attachments while not having to feel pressured or rushed.
I have been in a situation where the motor began to die when I was five minutes away from finishing my uncle’s hair and it was like a race to the end but a scary one because some need to charge overnight and you may not have time for that.
What you do need to have time for is maintenance of the clippers and most should come with a brush and cleaning oil and if they do not, find a brand that does. Why? Because cleaning will prevent dulling and rusting which will kill the life of your blades, much like when you do not change your shaving razors.