The Carecut

Hair cutting method for long hair
Hair Cutting with Heated Scissors
A hair cutting method for perceptibly healthier long hair right to the ends and that constant fresh-from-the-hairdresser sensation!
It does work after all: Long hair without split ends. Healthy, strong, shiny, attractive - right to the ends. A cared-for look, always as if you just left the salon. THE CARECUT, is an innovative professional hair cutting system based on the application of gentle heat which seals the ends as the hair is cut.
This means: The natural moisturizing and care substances remain locked inside the hair. It is strengthened inside and out, and actively protected against environmental influences and drying. For improved hair quality and new length. Long-lasting!
Heated scissors for hair cutting
An innovative cutting concept, exclusively available at THE CARECUT stylists
THE CARECUT is a revolutionary cutting concept in which the hair is cut with electrically heated scissors. This is not just particularly gentle, but as the name THE CARECUT suggests, cut and care in one. Unlike with a traditional cut, just as the hair is trimmed, the ends are sealed. This means that moisture and care substances remain in the hair.
Strengthened in this way, the hair is durably protected from drying. The cut and sealed surfaces ensure a beautiful, even hair structure and lend additional volume to fine hair. The sealing also ensures that the surface of the hair is completely closed and this maintains both shine and color intensity. Split and faded ends are a thing of the past.
Professionals recommend a regular cut with THE CARECUT for permanently beautiful, shiny hair right to the ends, as well as increased volume.
Unsealed hair tips after cutting
Damaged hair tips after cutting
Sealed hair tips after cutting
Photo 1: Hair cut with tips that remain unsealed. The cortex dries out and the environment attacks the hair.
Photo 2: Damaged hair with split ends and a tendency towards breakage at the tips.
Photo 3: Hair cut with heated scissors. Sealed hair tips and an intact cortex. Moisture and care products remain in the hair.

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