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Long hair to short pixie cut makeover
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Let’s say that your boyfriend liked your long hair, or told you that you wouldn’t look good with short hair. How awesome would it be to run into him while out at night, your hair cut into a vixen-like pixie cut, having the time of your life, as if he had never existed?
Or you run into your former boss who didn’t believe in your capabilities or never appreciated your hard work and business ethics. Only this time, you look like you just walked off the set of a fashion magazine photoshoot, while on your way to your new job at a top-of-the-line corporate firm that actually values your work.
Are you getting the picture here? You can actually use a drastic change to your physical appearance, like a pixie cut makeover, as a stepping stone to the "new you." Get rid of your old emotional and historical baggage, and become the person you want to be right now. What easier way is there than cutting your hair into a style that conveys strength, individuality, and spirit?
Show Off Your Best Features
The fact that pixie cuts work perfectly with fashionable designer glasses and are ideal for showing off a beautiful long neck, strong jawline, or high cheekbones is an added bonus. Pixie cuts have the uncanny ability to play up your most attractive and eye-catching characteristics. The secret is to go to a professional stylist who has a passion for pixie cuts, who will be able to cut your hair into the perfect pixie that will emphasize your personal facial shape and highlight strong points.
When you go to such a stylist, I would suggest giving him or her the creative freedom to create your new look. These are people who were born with an insatiable appetite for creativity, and their eyes literally see you as the most beautiful and unique person you can be!
Limitless Choices
If you don't feel comfortable going from long to short in one go, try embracing the change gradually. You can go shorter each time you visit your stylist. This is also the perfect opportunity to experiment with new styles and lengths while deciding what you like best and feeling what matches your personality and lifestyle better. The choices are limitless.
Girl before and after a long to pixie hair makeover
Photos: Shutterstock
It is also the perfect opportunity to play around with hair colors and highlights or lowlights while you’re going shorter, as you can just recolor it the next time you go to the salon. Remember that this is really your chance to transform yourself!
Try everything once in life, including going blonde or having a fiery red hue, and all the other colors that have been waiting for you to start experimenting with! Pixie cuts can pull off any color, and look great in bold, expressive colors as well as natural highlights or low-key colors. The pixie was invented to be personalized by the individual.
While you're on your journey toward the legendary pixie cut, you can literally change the features, color, and length of your hair as part of the expedition! Don't limit yourself or be intimidated by the idea of going wild with your hair. Dare to be a good girl gone bad!
Just look at what those words meant for Rihanna’s fashion reputation and rise in her musical career. She is unstoppable and unquenchable in her thirst to dare to be different! Shake off those shackles placed upon you by outdated fashion magazines and yesterday's movie stars. Embrace your style and appearance like the vixen you aspire to be!
Donate Your Ponytail
While you’re busy with this transformation, why not spread the love and donate your ponytail to a charity organization such as Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids, or the Little Princess Trust? These organizations gather hair donations and use them to make wigs for cancer patients who have lost their own. Just as much as a new haircut can be liberating and refreshing, it can be unbearably humiliating and distressing to lose one's locks due to disease.
Make your first mark as an improved and strong woman by giving something back to those who need it more than you can understand if you haven't gone through something like that yourself. Now, go and conquer the world!
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