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Wash and go hair for women
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Short Hair
The days of blow-dried and heavily-styled short hairstyles are over, and we have a wide range of fun, sporty, chic, and feisty short looks to choose from.
For busy and sporty women who like to get in and out of the house and the gym quickly but want to have a cool and sexy look, the number one choice could be a choppy short haircut or a pixie cut. These cuts have a lot of texture and look better the messier they are. They do not need to be blow-dried and a little ruffling with the hands is enough to turn your bedhead into your chic new signature style.
Some of the modern gamine cuts with short, graduated necks and a longer top section also fall right into place if your stylist took the specifics of your growth pattern into consideration while cutting.
Curly Hair
Naturally curly hair looks beautiful, and with the right cut, it is also easy to manage. Long layers are ideal for balancing the volume and giving the hair a good shape. Be careful, however, not to have these layers cut too short. The shorter the hair is, the bouncier it will be and the harder it will be to handle. You may also be confronted with a lot of frizz. An ideal length is from about 6 or 7 inches and up.
With longer hair, you can turn your wild and beautiful mane into long and fun ringlets with a corkscrew pattern. A little bit of gel goes a long way to keep them under control. To freshen up your look all you need is a spritz of water and you'll look like you just stepped out of the salon.
Silk scarf, wrapped around a woman's hair
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Quick Styling Tips
Your best friends for a quick styling of your hair are accessories and the magical liquids that come in little spray bottles. Silk scarves can do wonders if you feel like you have a bad hair day, and they are a type of wash and go as well. Just wrap a beautiful scarf around your head, and there are myriad ways to do this. Have fun with it and turn yourself into a classic Hollywood star with this accessory.
Headbands can enhance the most basic styles and can add a splash of color to your hair. They help keep long hair out of your face and can add some flair to short haircuts too. You can match them to the color of your makeup or your outfit and you're ready for another day spent in style.
Products to keep on hand are gel, hairspray, and mousse for a quick fix or for freshening up. One of the must-haves, especially for long hair, is a bottle of detangler. They condition your hair, soften it, prevent frizz and flyaways, and make your hair smell fresh all in one gentle mist. Another spray bottle should just contain some water. Spray it on and comb through your hair to get rid of any kinks and to straighten it or in feathery, layered hair before you finger style it. Now, wash your hair, then go have some fun!
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