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Neat or Messy?
Today many of the trendy hairstyles are rugged, deliberately messy with a lot of texture and often different lengths and jagged edges. Even though there is a lot of turbulence on the head it is highly stylish. The difference between this and a “bedhead” that you just shuffle in place in the morning is the intention. And this intention is always visible.
Manage your Make-Up
No overall style is perfect without the right make-up. If your make-up is messy, your nail polish chips off, the lipstick runs outside of the lines, the foundation is too dark and creates a line at the edge of your face, the eyeliner turns into an unwanted raccoon face, then it is time to refresh, redo and perhaps change some of your products.
Your face is the first thing other people see. Keep it fresh and clean with rather less than too much make-up. But use at least a little, like a sparkly lip gloss and some mascara together with a transparent powder. This will show that you take pride in your appearance and that you put some effort into it. Make it match your hairstyle and the vibe of your outfit. It will pull it all together and give you that final finish.
The Power of Accessories
Do not underestimate the fun little things that you can hang on to your ears or around your neck. Jewelry is also an important part of your appearance and by picking pieces that suit your, you will not only demonstrate good taste but also leave a subliminal mark in the impression someone has of you. All is connected!
Attitude Counts
Love yourself, be proud of yourself and keep a smile on your face. Confidence is not only expressed in the colors and textures that you wrap yourself up in from head to toe. Much more than that it sends an invisible message to the world and it will change the way you are regarded. And that will echo back to you and give you even more motivation and happy energy to do these extra little efforts that make the difference between just looking nice and looking stylish.
In summary it can be said that a stylish look is one that matches the individual person in type and vibe and can easily be maintained. A little skill and a few minutes are all that is needed to give it a “finished” and “polished” appearance that harmonizes with the style of the clothes and the accessories. It is the visible extra attention that we pay to ourselves.
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