Clothes and Hairstyle Advice

Hairdresser and client
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Q: I read that it is extremely important to wear your favorite clothes when you go to a salon for a new hairstyle. Why is this? Why do hair stylists need to know what clothes you usually wear if you want them to give good hairstyle advice?
A: It’s an excellent question, and there’s a good way to look at this particular situation.
Say that you are planning to have an interior decorator come and redecorate your home. Would you want him or her to style your home using all of your family’s Christmas holiday décor, so that it was on display all year round? Of course you would not want this. The holiday is simply a small period of time compared to the rest of the year in which you would live in your surroundings. The same principle applies when selecting a hair style.
Unless you are speaking of a special occasion look – which you would only wear to said special event – you want a style that works best for you every day. And wearing your favorite style of clothing helps to show the hairdresser your personal taste and allows him or her to give you a look that both compliments and is complimented by your own personal taste in fashion.
If you usually spend your days in casual attire as a teacher of third-graders in a public school, you certainly don’t want to show up at the salon for a new style in something you only wear on really special occasions. You want to help the stylist represent you at your best all the time, and that means showing yourself as you usually are dressed.
You should always dress according to your personal taste, and dress in a way that represents how you look most of the time. If you regularly dress up, you can share this information with your stylist and he or she can help you discuss ways to “upgrade” your everyday style for special occasions. Just keep in mind that you want to look your best all the time, and not just on those special occasions.
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