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How to maintain a short haircut to optimize its sexiness
Contrary to the popular view that short hair does not require much maintenance, to ensure for optimal sexiness, there are several essential steps needed to be carried out regularly.
Short hair needs to be washed even more frequently than long hair as it cannot hide natural scalp oils as well as long hair does. Shampooing short hair as often as every day or at the very least every other day, will guarantee short hair is kept sexy. Only use conditioner on short hair if it is very dry, and even then only use a small amount.
Sexy short hair relies on volume and textile, plying it with conditioner will only hamper its spring and vitality. In order to maintain the shape of the style, make sure to get the hair trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks.
One of the best attributes of short hair is the ability to experiment with color. Often it is a case of the bolder the better when making a short cut sexy. Short crops can handle the dramatic bright reds, rich chocolate browns, and stout blonde highlights, that many long locks would be deemed to ridicule. Experiment with color, you have the facility to do so.
Add volume and texture by experimenting with different styling products. Whilst long hair can become too heavy, drab and ‘snowed under’ by styling products, used on short hair products such as waxes, pastes and volumizers will sprit some glitz and will ensure for sexy short hair.
There is no need to spend hours in front of the hair dryer when your locks are cut short, as short hair and lengthy periods under the blow dryer spells disaster. Fuzzy, heat damaged hair can look terrible on short hair, a far cry from glamorous and sexy. It is advisable to blow dry short hair until it is almost dry than give it some tussle, ruffle and shine with products and shine spray.
Having short hair can also bring a new dimension to wearing hair accessories, as wearing decorations such as wraps, barrettes and headbands works wonders in the pursuit for sexy short hair.
Former comic and therapist Pamela Stephenson, stimulated discussion by publicly suggesting that women who had their hair cut short were deliberately impairing a desire to be seen as desirable. The comment predictably triggered outrage with short haired women being more than a little peeved that they were being accused as being ‘asexual’ and unattractive.
Opposing Stephenson’s arguably old-fashioned and conservative views, are not only the millions of women who are increasingly braving the hairdresser’s scissors and going for the chop and who do not consider their choice of hair length as deliberately sabotaging their sexuality, but also the millions of men who regard women with short hair as extremely desirable and sexy.
Short hair can be intensely sexy, but not sexy in the submissive, coy, ‘girl-next-door-look’, that long hair usually denotes, but in a more dominant, powerful and commanding way.
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