How to Look Feminine with a Pixie

Feminine pixie cut
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Q: I’m 45 and I’m tired of my long hair. I wear it in a ponytail all the time, and I think it’s time to join the short hair club. I want to cut it all off and go for a pixie look. What elements should I ask for to make sure that I still look feminine with my pixie cut?
A: Good for you! As you’ve enjoyed your long hair during the appropriate phase in your life, and you’ve come to the decision of cutting your hair all on your own; you’re probably going to have an absolute blast with your hair cut into a pixie style.
Let’s look at some things to consider when you go for the cut:
1. If you don’t have one yet; get yourself a mature, experienced and downright awesome hair stylist at an upscale salon. Yes; it’s more expensive than “Aunt Mollie’s Salon” around the corner, and it’s probably going to be filled with some “airs”… But when you go to the salon, you want to feel pampered, know that you’re in good hands, and be sure that you’re going to walk out looking like a million bucks.
You’ve probably got a very busy life; trying to look after everyone around you and juggling fifty balls in the air at the same time. Pay those extra few dollars. You deserve to be in the hands of a stylist who is really good and will at least take proper care of your hair while you’re being super-woman.
2. Make sure that your pixie cut suits your face shape. You can either have a look at your face and decide what kind of shape you have (heart, oval, elongated or square are the main types), or you can have a hairstylist or a make-up artist do a more accurate and in-depth classification of your features. Once you know your facial shape and best features, you should do a hairstyle search on Hairfinder or look through some hairstyle and celebrity magazines. Choose a cut that will suit your facial shape and features best.
3. Opt for a hairstyle that has long bangs and wispy sides that frame you face in a soft and feminine way. The style can be very short at the back and on the crown area, but you need some length around the face, especially the bangs. The length ensures that the style is chic, yet still feminine.
4. Consider changing or upgrading your hair color. This is really important as a solid-colored pixie cut tends to look androgynous; bordering on masculine. This is especially true for dark hair colors such as black, dark brown, etc. Have some highlights or “baby-lights” added into the bangs and side areas. This adds a beautiful feminine touch, but also lightens up the face which has an incredibly youthful effect as well.
5. How you style your pixie cut is very important. Search for pictures of your pixie cut that you like the most. Take these to the hairstylist with you when you go for your cut. Ask him/her to explain how to achieve each look of your pictures, as well as which hair products to use. Also ask the stylist to style your hair like the style in your favorite picture. Note how the stylist uses his/her hands, what products are used, etc. so that you can copy the same look at home.
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