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Low Maintenance Short Hair

Q: I was about to cut my hair pixie short, but I didn't because my friends said that short hair is high maintenance. Is this true? I was convinced that a pixie would need less maintenance than my shoulder length hair.
A: The level of maintenance is usually dependent on the specifics of the cut involved. However, most pixie cuts are relatively-low maintenance when it comes to daily care and styling. A good cut that fully utilizes your hair's natural wave and texture means that you can style the hair to look great in mere minutes in the morning.
short pixie haircut
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Where the extra maintenance comes in is in the increased frequency with which you may find you have to have the hair trimmed. Shorter hair styles appear to grow more quickly, because there is less margin for adjustment. If your hair is 10 inches long and you grow a half inch in a month, you only increase the amount of hair by about 5%, but if your hair is only 2 inches in length (or less in some places) that same half inch of grown means you've increased the amount of hair by 25% or more. So you have to have regular maintenance cuts, and they will likely be scheduled more often.
It comes down to what you want for your routine. Perms and short cuts can help lessen daily care and maintenance, but will increase the amount of time and expense in salon visits. Your best bet is to talk to your stylist about what you WANT for yourself, and go from there.
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